Glutamine Forté

Company: Integrative Therapeutics

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Phone: 800-931-1709

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Description: Glutamine Forté from Integrative Therapeutics is designed to deliver a therapeutic level of L-glutamine in combination with theracurmin, a novel, water-dispersible form of turmeric with dramatically enhanced curcumin bioavailability. L-glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid and an important fuel for enterocytes. The benefits of oral supplementation have been extensively studied. L-glutamine has been shown to restore gut barrier function, promote healthy intestinal permeability, support a healthy immune system function, and support healthy tissue repair mechanisms. Because daily recommendations for L-glutamine can reach up to 30 grams daily in certain conditions, Glutamine Forté is formulated with a great-tasting, mild citrus flavor. Its convenient powdered drink mix format allows for flexible dosing and customized patient care.


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