Fruta Planta

Company: Pharmore Alternatives

Address: 21346 Saint Andrews Blvd.

Phone: 310-402-8660

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Description: Fruta Planta distributed by Pharmore Alternatives is a new Chinese diet pill formulated to help eliminate body fat in the hips, arms, buttocks, and face. This pill, which is intended to target the abdomen, is manufactured by Guangzhou Health care and is marketed as 100 percent pure and natural. It’s also designed to help burn fat naturally, reduce appetite, and fight mid-day craving.


  • Marketed as 100 percent authentic and stimulant free (no jittery feeling)
  • Marketed as 100 percent natural – ingredients are from all natural fruit plants
  • Intended as a one-pill-a-day plan
  • Marketed as being effective even without exercising
  • Marketed as being safe for both women and men


Sold By: Pharmore Alternatives
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