Company: Etavonni Products

Address: 3535 S Prairie, Suite 4

Phone: 716-775-7329

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Description: FrozenPeaz from Etavonni Products is described by a leading neurosurgeon as the next evolution of hot and cold therapy packs. FrozenPeaz don’t look or behave like your typical gel pack. Its VirtualPeaz conform to your body, and unlike gel beads, they won’t break down with repeat use or microwaving.


  • Combines the flexibility of a bag of vegetables with the reusability of a traditional gel pack
  • PeazPod: insulating neoprene backing with 100% cotton flannel to go next to your skin
  • Adjustable strap allows you to customize the amount of compression while holding the wrap in place
  • Provides both hot and cold therapeutic relief
  • Non-toxic; made from a non-petroleum, plant based alternative to glycol and glycerin based gels
  • Clean to use; No messy leaks
  • Sold By: Etavonni Products
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