The decline in estrogen levels that start in women 40s, leads to a chronic hormonal imbalance which accompanies women from pre-menopause onward. This imbalance has a major impact on women’s quality of life from the onset of debilitating ‘menopausal’ symptoms to the progression of post-menopausal diseases. Today, following the fear of women of taking hormones due the increase in breast cancer risk and clotting, the majority of women are left untreated. With the Femarelle® line you will be able to provide women a safe non-hormonal option for the different stages of their lives and restore hormonal balance for better quality of life and healthy aging. Although all symptoms are related to the decline in estrogen levels, the effect and the needs vary with age so that what a woman in her 40s experiences is different than what a woman experiences in her 50s and definitely from what concerns a 60+ woman. The Femarelle® Line constitutes 3 products, that work as a SERM, targeting the women in the different stages of estrogen decline:  Rejuvenate – for the pre-menopausal stage (low sex drive, skin elasticity decrease and mood changes), Recharge for the menopausal stage (hot flashes & night sweats), and Unstoppable for the post menopausal stage (bone health).

Sold in 30 countries worldwide, with more than 20 published studies, and endorsed by the European Society of Gynecology as the 1st line treatment for the management of menopause on it’s different stages – Femarelle is a product you need to give to your patients.

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Sold By: Se-cure Pharmaceuticals