Federal Injury Centers Franchise

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Federal Injury Centers exists to help injured federal employees like USPS, VA, TSA, FBI, overcome the many obstacles and pitfalls of federal workers compensation. This is nothing like workers comp program and although it is a federal program, it is nothing like Medicate. Federal Workers Compensation is the most generous payer for a grateful group of patients. Nationwide, a small fraction of injury claims are approved by DOL, and this leads to terrible and often tragic problems for the injured employee. Federal Injury Centers solves these problems. The result is happy, enthusiastic patients who refer their friends and coworkers because they received all their benefits, kept their jobs, and got the treatment they needed to get better, back to work, and make it to retirement. For Fa Federal Injury Centers Franchise, the result is extraordinary reimbursement. We are paid very well to do a great job for patients. When we do a great job, remain compliant, and follow our established systems, the results are unbelievably great. Federal employees need more trained doctors. Most states don’t have a single doctor who is willing or trained to help them.

Key Features:

  • Case values can be up to $9,000 to $15,000 or more
  • Online training portal
  • In-house billing & preauthorization
  • Efficient systems
  • Custom EMR
  • Compliant system with expert legal oversite
  • Established marketing & recognition

For more information call 877-787-6927
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