Envy Pillow

Company: Young Innovations Canada

Address: 2213 Galloway Dr., Oakville, Ontario

Phone: 416-659-4965

Web site: www.envypillow.com

Description: The Envy Pillow from Young Innovations Canada is designed to help you wake up feeling good and looking good. This anti-aging pillow aims to prevent sleep lines and helps promote optimum wellness and comfort by providing proper head, neck, and spinal support. This product has a v-shaped design and helps reduce the signs of aging, while promoting health and wellbeing. Some


  • Ergonomic v-shaped design cradles the head to help minimize facial compression
  • Cervical neck support helps stabilize the neck and prevent head rotation
  • The central bubble pattern helps provide maximum air circulation and proper head positioning
  • enVy is made with hypo-allergenic memory foam which helps resists dust mites
  • enVy comes with a durable travel bag
  • Marketed as being recommend by chiropractors because of its cervical support


Sold By: Young Innovations Canada
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