Electronic Claims Processing

Company: Infinedi

Address: 1437 South Boulder Ave. Ste#1030 Tulsa, OK 74119-3616

Phone: 800-688-8087

Web site: http://www.infinedi.net

Description: Electronic Claims Processing from Infinedi is a nationwide, privately held electronic claims clearinghouse that has been providing electronic data interchange services (EDI) to healthcare providers for more than 25 years. Infinedi offers a wide range of EDI services and tools to make the day-to-day practice and facility operations run more smoothly. Other offerings include expert customer and technical support at no additional charge to providers. Additionally, Infinedi is one of only a handful of electronic healthcare network accreditation commission (EHNAC) certified clearinghouses in the country and has partnered with many professional associations to assist their membership with meeting goals and improving their cash flow. Infinedi maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.


  • Centralization of claim data and reports all on one website
  • Claim status reporting – track revenue from transmission to claims payment
  • Live customer support – avoid long wait times and endless phone mazes
  • Electronic remittance advice
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Provider advocacy
Sold By: Infinedi