Dynamic Fluid Orthotics

Company: Hydrothotics

Address: St. Augustine, FL

Phone: 800-396-8893

Web site: http://www.hydrothotics.com

Description: Dynamic Fluid Orthotics from Hydrothotics are clinically proven to reduce pain in your patients feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. They also help alleviate pain from Morton€™s neuroma, plantar fasciitis and diabetic neuropathy. Their dynamic fluid technology automatically adjusts to support the feet when and where they need it. The dynamic fluid technology massages the foot, which helps increase circulation in the lower extremities. They are available in seven men€™s sizes and four women€™s sizes. Sizing is simple with just a pair of scissors. There is no expensive equipment to buy, no molds or scans, and your patients do not have to wait to get relief from pain since you stock the product in your practice.


  • Dynamic fluid technology
  • Professional program available
  • Hydrothotics are treated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent odor and mildew
  • Machine or hand wash for longer life
  • One-year warranty against defects and failure


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