Dual Action Massage Cream

Company: Zen Organics

Address: P.O. Box 461703, Aurora, CO 80046

Phone: 800-298-9019

Web site: http://zenorganics.com

Description: Dual Action Massage Cream from Zen Organics is now available in 32 oz. bottles and comes in unscented, bergamot orange, and lavender. Dual Action Massage Cream is marketed as offering superior glide and absorption for excellent workability. Made with only non-toxic ingredients, this concentrated formula is said to require the use of less product per treatment. Perfect for full body and partial massage treatment.


  • Ideal for full body and partial massages
  • Contains only non-toxic ingredients
  • Infused with an organic herbal blend and multi-vitamins
  • Available in lavender, bergamot orange, and unscented
  • Also available in 1oz, 8oz, half gallon, and gallon sizes
  • Nut free formula is NOT yet available in 32 oz


Sold By: Zen Organics
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