Dry Eye Care

Patient One Dry Eye Care combines synergistic vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to combat the discomfort associated with Dry Eye Syndrome: Vitamins A, C, and E; zinc; omega 3 fatty acids; flax seed oil; black currant oil; and borage oil. Formulated to restore normal tear production and protective film, Dry Eye Care provides natural soothing support for those patients who suffer from dry, burning, itchy, irritated eyes or who have had previous eye surgery, wear contact lenses, or for patients who spend prolonged time in front of a computer screen or television. Dry eye is among the most frequent complaints in a general ophthalmic practice, with approximately 1 of every 4 reporting symptoms.

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Supports normal tear production and eye health| Creates thick tears and prevents tears from evaporating| Soothes symptoms of dry, burning, irritated eyes| Restores diminished tear function from certain medications or medical conditions| Provides relief for those exposed to dry, smoky, or windy environments| Support for those with previous eye surgery or who wear contact lenses| Ideal for people who spend prolonged time in front of computer or TV screens