Documentor – EHR & Note Writing Software

Company: EON Systems Inc.

Address: 620 Lakeview Road, Clearwater, FL 33756

Phone: 727-298-5500

Web site:

Description: Documentor – EHR & Note Writing Software from EON Systems features the EON appointment book, which is designed to allow you to select your next patient, immediately view their profile, and then recreate a previous EHR note. With a few taps of the mouse or stylus, you update your EHR note, save it, and the fee slip is ready. You can use the provided templates, create your own templates, add your own images, or update the provided templates. Templates are available for chiropractic, multidisciplinary, acupuncture, PI and more.


  • Fully customizable notes (chiropractice and multidiscipline)
  • Customizable input panel
  • Designed to integrate fully with EON’s billing software
  • Provides fee slip based on treatment
  • Works on tablet PC, touchscreen, laptop, or desktop
  • Easy to learn
Sold By: Eon Systems
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