Company: Biolase Technologies Inc.

Address: 4 Cromwell Irvine,CA

Phone: 800-699-9462

Web site: http://www.biolase.com

Description: The Diolase10 from Biolase Technologies is class IV laser therapy designed to treat acute and chronic pain. This product is manufactured to deliver 100 mw to 10 watts of continuous wave or pulsed energy. The 940 nm wavelength is delivered by the Deep Tissue Handpiece, which is designed to distribute uniform energy and the perfect combination of penetration and absorption in living tissue. The handpiece is also manufactured to treat small trigger points to large muscle groups. It features an optional battery pack and fitted transport case, which allows it to be taken to places where electricity is not available.


  • Power: 100mw to10 watts with variable pulse settings and 940nm wavelength
  • Easy-to-use color touchscreen with 18 single touch presets
  • Portability: Hand held with rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for sporting events
  • Service: Built by Biolase Technology with more than 12,000 lasers sold world wide
  • Call for special introductory price and lease options


Sold By: Biolase Technologies
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