D Complex

Company: Doctors’ Research Inc.

Address: 1248 E. Grand, #A, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Phone: 805-489-7185

Web site: http://www.doctorsresearch.com

Description: D Complex from Doctors’ Research Inc. is a 100 percent vegan food supplement that is intended to supply 100 percent food vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of food calcium and even has hormone-like functions within the human body. Vitamin D helps maintain serum calcium and phosphorus concentrations in a range that supports cellular processes, neurological function, and bone ossification.


  • 100 percent food
  • 100 percent vegetarian D3 (and gluten free)
  • Supports bone ossification
  • Helps maintain healthy serum calcium levels
  • Helps maintain healthy serum phosphorus levels
  • Helps maintain healthy vitamin D levels
Sold By: Doctors' Research
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