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Description: Conga-Immune from Doctors’ Research is a 100 percent food supplement intended to supply nutrients needed to maintain and support optimal thymus, throat, and immune system health. Bovine bone marrow produces B-lymphocytes, which are the basis of much of what most consider to be part of the immune system (t-lymphocytes are essentially made from processing B-lymphocytes); bone marrow also produces red blood cells. Bovine thymus tissue helps maintain the thymus gland in a good state of repair to support healthy thymus function. Echinacea primarily supports the non-specific cellular immune system by helping certain types of white blood cells during phagocytosis. Conga-Immune contains Acerola cherry which is one of the most vitamin C dense foods. Alfalfa, bovine live, bovine lymph, bovine spleen, buckwheat leaf and juice, carrot root, garlic, rice bran with shiitake, provide support for a healthy immune system.


  • 100 percent food
  • New Zealand glandulars
  • Enhanced immune health
  • Supports throat
  • Supports a healthy thymus gland
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