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Company: Beyond Software

Address: P.O. Box 424, Clear Lake, IA 50428

Phone: 507-664-0925

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Description: With CNS, you will have more thorough chiropractic soap notes and patient records in a fraction of the time! As a chiropractor, you know that documentation is the key to third party reimbursement. Our chiropractic EMR software is very simple to use.

CNS is ready for you to use right out of the box. It comes pre-loaded with common chiropractic diagnosis codes, reflexes, orthopedic tests, muscles, joints, listings, etc, etc. In fact all lists are pre-loaded with common entries. You can, however, customize virtually every screen to fit your specific needs including designating preferred items or pre-defined scenarios to call up at any time to completely fill out your screens. The screens are built for speed of entry whether your mouse, keyboard, touch screen or pen tablet driven.

The heart of the program is the random text generation for your soap notes. CNS uses a unique methodology to generate complex sentence structures that make it impossible to tell that your chiropractic soap notes were computer generated. We are also proud of the ease of use and simple learning curve that was built into the software. CNS was designed to provide the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.


  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Quick Daily Notes
  • Graphically Intuitive
  • Examination Findings
  • Document Imaging for Paperless Office
  • Sold By: Beyond Software
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