Clinical Glutathione

Company: EuroMedica

Address: 955 Challenger Drive

Phone: 866.842.7256

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Description: “Clinical Glutathione is specially formulated as as a slow-melt tablet, protected by a unique, patented process called Sublintion. It supports beneficial levels of active glutathione
in the bloodstream and improves the ratio of active glutathione to oxidized glutathione in a way that other approaches can€„¢t.* Clinical Glutathione improves blood ratios by 230 percent, comes in a slow melt tablet for optimal benefits, is a clinically-tested, European innovation, and has an exclusive, patented, protected delivery system.
*In blood GSH/GSSG ratio.”


  • First oral glutathione product with 230% improvement in blood ratios
  • Exclusive to EuroMedica in the United States
  • Clinically-tested, European innovation
  • Exclusive, patented, protected


Sold By: EuroMedica
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