Clean Sweep

Company: Energy Tools International LLC

Address: 8484 Hwy. 62, White City, OR 97503

Phone: 541-830-0411

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Description: Clean Sweep is an all-natural, energized structured water solution (infused with Vital Force Technology), contains no chemicals or fragrances, and is completely safe for the environment. Created by a scientist and tested in labs to reduce negative ions, Clean Sweep Spray cleans most any kind of negative energy, whether its source is human or mechanical. It works like an €œeraser€ to clean energetic €œstatic€ (negative environmental pollution) from most any environment. Clean Sweep€™s effectiveness was proven in a university-controlled lab setting, where it clearly demonstrated its ability to quickly and
effectively clean the environment of dirty energy.


  • Cleans energetic €œstatic€ (negative environmental pollution)
  • Clears EMFs
  • Calms envrionment


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