Cholesterol Health

Company: Botanical Wisdom

Address: 25541 Arctic Ocean Drive, Lake Forest CA 92630

Phone: 949-588-6388

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Description: Cholesterol Health from Botanical Wisdom is designed to balance cholesterol and cholesterol ester levels and improve the ratio of HDL to LDL. It also helps reduce C—reactive protein (a sign of inflammation and a new important factor for assessing cardiovascular disease risk). Cholesterol Health’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities highly contribute to its overall effectiveness.


  • Bio-Enhanced Extraction (B.E.E)
  • Chamomile flower extract: contains volatile oils, flavonoids, apigenin, luteolin and quercetin
  • Daisy leaves extract: Daisy was historically used as a “blood purifier.”
  • Almond extract: contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids
  • Botanical resin: helps lower blood cholesterol and LDL levels and increases HDL levels
  • Vitamin C: a very powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger


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