Company: Full Circle Coaching & Consulting

Address: 348 Greenhill Ave.

Phone: 705-495-3330

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Description: ChiroStressOmeter from Full Circle Coaching & Consulting is a Web-based software application designed to help you serve more people by enhancing patient education. It allows you to better educate your practice members and the community in the most interactive way via your iPad.


  • Self-test with algorithms to produce how close to subluxation they are
  • Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic learning on stress and the effects it has on nerve function
  • Runs on an iPad but does not require wifi to run it
  • Print and email the results of your patients/leads subluxation test scores
  • Stand out in the community with this modern patient intake
  • Teaches people the benefits of chiropractic beyond pain relief
  • Sold By: Full Circle Coaching & Consulting
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