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Company: Chiropractics Plus

Address: 8805 Sudley Road Suite 200A, Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 914-338-9259

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Description: With increasing competition, steadily decreasing reimbursements, post payment audits, steep deductibles and rising co-payments, many DCs are seeing their practice growth stall. Chiropractics Plus is a new franchise, designed to give chiropractors an additional avenue for growth and success. Before, to enjoy the advantages of a cash practice, doctors needed to stop accepting insurance assignment.
The Chiropractics Plus model allows the practice to keep existing patients. Also, with the add-on franchise, no name change is required, maintaining the goodwill established over the years. Chiropractics Plus is a new, all cash wellness business. This new model will allow chiropractors to provide care for many patients who might not otherwise be able to afford it.
The monthly membership approach helps retain patients for long-term wellness care. Recurrent monthly dues add to practice values, and help stabilize cash flow from one month to the next.


  • Chiropractics Plus offers new and add-on franchises for existing practices.
  • Their turn-key model can be implemented in no more than 30 days for many practicing chiropractors
  • Chiropractics Plus systems, processes and procedures allow you to provide quality treatment at a s
  • Designed by chiropractors
  • The company helps owners in succeeding through the use of proven methods of business development
  • This opportunity is not available in all states


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