Company: Acor Orthopaedic Inc.

Address: 18530 S. Miles Rd., Cleveland, OH

Phone: 800-237-2267

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Description: Chiro-Thotics from Acor Orthopaedic Inc. is marketed as a true 3-D CAD-CAM produced custom-made foot orthotic. It’s designed for the chiropractor who treats minor foot problems and balance stabilizes the patient after the adjustment. For each stabilizing orthotic, they start with an actual impression of the foot, capture the data with a true 3-D scanner and then design the final product, which is milled by a high-precision CAD/CAM system. The system is simple, reliable, cost effective, and does the job. This results in a chiropractic orthotic device that is said to fit the foot and provides proper balance and alignment! Acor will provide a free starter kit including foam impression box and return shipping label to any new customer.


  • Focus on the key performance areas: balance stabilizer, arch control zone, and comfort zone
  • Select materials for three activity levels: therapeutic, walking, or active
  • Choice of four lengths to accommodate a variety of footwear
  • Modifications are included to meet your patient’s specific needs
  • Doctors can submit any form of casting or scanning


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