Celsius Calorie Burning Beverages & Packets

Company: Celsius

Address: 140 N.E. 4th Ave, suite C, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Phone: 561-276-2239

Web site: https://store.celsius.com/net/Distributors/Dist_Login.aspx

Description: Celsius Calorie Burning Beverages & Packets are designed to burn 100 calories by raising metabolism and provide sustained energy. They’re also designed to increase loss of fat mass and gain muscle mass and improve endurance. Celsius is made with green tea, ginger, guarana, caffeine, vitamins B & C, calcium, and chromium.


  • The replacement for sodas, energy drinks, sugar loaded juices and coffees.
  • Celsius has: no sugar, no chemical preservatives, no artificial flavors, no aspartame, and no HFCS.
  • Celsius comes in 5 flavors: wild berry, orange, cola, lemon lime, and ginger ale.
  • Celsius comes in 2 noncarbonated green tea flavors: peach mango, raspberry acai.
  • Celsius is very low in sodium.
  • Celsius has won 9 beverage awards in the last 3 years
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