CE Cruncher for Chiropractors

Company: CE Cruncher

Address: 820 W Amelia Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: 813-313-9377

Web site: http://www.CECruncher.com

Description: CE Cruncher is a search engine for chiropractic continuing education, news, information, humor, and more. You can search for a seminar, register for the class, and find a hotel, making the process of finding continuing education easier and faster. CECruncher.com also assists continuing education providers in marketing their seminars to more than 10,000 chiropractors. Through CECruncher.com, continuing education providers can list their seminars for free. Providers can also opt for a paid premium listing and even allow chiropractors to register for the classes at the same time.


  • Saves you time finding continuing education classes
  • Gives continuing education providers an opportunity to market their seminars
  • Instant registration available
  • Seminar marketing available: both on the Web and in print
  • Timely chiropractic news
  • Lots of chiro humor


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