Busch All Cash Academy

Company: Busch All Cash Academy

Address: 5005 Riviera Ct. Fort Wayne IN 46825

Phone: 866-662-2225

Web site: http://www.buschallcashacademy.com

Description: Busch All Cash Academy is a three and half day seminar created to help you learn the secrets of marketing to the correct type of patient, how to bring in the correct patient, and how to have patient-focused care without patients or insurance companies dictating you. It’s designed to train you in areas from successful marketing to secrets of patient management and staff training. Busch All Cash Academy trains both medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic and is marketed to work in any office. It is said to turn an office around in 72 hours.


  • Train in “real-time” setting for staff and doctor
  • Train with actively practicing doctor – always get individual attention
  • Return and review opportunities
  • Successful marketing programs
  • Patient management and staff training videos
  • 12 month support program – “real and quick time”


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