90 Days of Breakthrough

Company: Breakthrough Coaching

Address: Miami-Dade, FL and Frederick, CO

Phone: 800-723-8423

Web site: http://www.mybreakthrough.com

Description: Breakthrough Coaching members are consistently among the highest earners in their professional communities. They have increased income, decreased stress, and more free time to pursue those activities they enjoy the most. This 3-month program will get you on your way to increased practice growth and profitability.

You’ll work with a Personal Coach who…

  • Teaches from experience. Before becoming a coach, your coach was a successful Breakthrough Coaching member and mastered the procedures and systems that you and your team are learning.
  • Customizes the Breakthrough Coaching program based upon your practice goals, expectations and philosophy enabling you to grow at your own pace.

  • Assures you that you are not alone. It’s easy to become isolated in practice. Your coach is accessible whenever you need a real-world perspective on the important issues impacting your practice.
  • Acts as an extension of your HR Department assisting in the hiring and training of your practice team members.

90-Day Program Includes:

  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Massive Online Resources
  • Extensive Systems, Forms
  • Turnkey, Tested Strategies

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