Brain Bright Detox

Brain Bright Detox is one of a cutting-edge group of nutraceutical products developed by Brain Brilliance Inc. These products provide therapeutic advantages to people with disconnect disorders of the nervous system such as ADD, ADHD, dementia, Alzheimer€™s disease, concussion brain injury, and Parkinson€™s. The products were developed to fill nutritional gaps by supplying essential elements for maintaining cellular health in central and peripheral nervous system tissues. The micro-synergistic nutraceuticals in Brain Bright Detox were designed to optimize patient outcomes. Brain Bright Detox nervous system detox protocol is said to stimulate neurogenesis, increase blood circulation, increase brain plasticity and brain decalcification. Positive outcomes include: increased cognitive skills and brain power, improved mood, reduced demyelination, memory loss depression and addiction.

Sold By: Brain Brilliance Inc.
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Can be used alone or with other Brain Brilliance products| 2 oz. spray, adult dose 8 sprays, children 1 to 2 sprays| Developed to reduce fatigue, insomnia, and increase brain power| Sold exclusively through healthcare providers