Fashionable bottle holder to keep drinking fluids with you, hands-free. Can holster other items such as massage lotion or small medical devices needed often. Comes with a carabiner to hold keys, sanitizer, small towel for massage therapist. Large pocket on back holds most phones, has an eyelet for headphones to connect into phone in pocket. Smaller pocket holds credit cards, drivers license, cash, and business cards.

Choose either a cross-body or waist strap. Great for helping clients have drinking fluids easily accessible or great for massage therapists to holster lotions and oils.


Sold By: The Bollstr Co.


Adjustable bottle holder holsters drink bottles, lotions, small medical monitors and pumps…| carabiner to hang things on such as keys and sanitizer| larger pocket holds most phones| eyelet on back of Bollstr goes through to larger pocket for headphones to attach to phone for music enjoyment| smaller pocket holds credit cards, drivers license, cash…| choose either cross-body or waist strap, 5 fabric patterns available