Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support*

Company: UNDA

Address: 112 Technology Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Phone: 1-888-737-6925

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Description: The convenient Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support program from UNDA includes synergistic formulas traditionally used to support the emunctories and encourage overall physical/mental comfort while respecting the body€™s natural physiology.*

Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support is ideal for symptoms related to stress and stress responses such as agitation, irritability, oversensitivity, mental exhaustion, restlessness, and insomnia.*

Biotherapeutic Drainage facilitates the emunctories through deep intra and extracellular elimination while respecting natural physiology. It works in a gentle manner on a cellular level within the body€™s normal capacity to eliminate toxins.

*Based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica


  • Package includes 3 homeopathic UNDA Numbered Compounds: 9, 30, and 1001
  • Also includes support from GENESTRA BRANDS Phyto-gen: Calm-gen herbal supplement
  • Works gently without stressing the body
  • Convenient 3-week program
  • Sold By: Unda
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