Bio-Lipo LED unit

Texas Biostetic Instruments (TBI) announces the introduction of the Bio-Lipo LED unit. The newly designed laser-like unit is an alternative to TBI€™s Lipo-Laser unit. With regard to fat loss, the new Bio-Lipo has the effectiveness of the previous laser unit without the danger of using lasers in the office. To obtain maximum effectiveness, the Bio-Lipo unit is marketed as having more than twice the number of super bright LED diodes per pad as the nearest competitor at half the cost. The unit was designed particularly for chiropractors looking for additional cash flow without the need to hire additional skilled personnel. The unattended treatment takes about 30 minutes and the patient is encouraged to do a limited amount of cardio and use a vibration machine.

Sold By: Texas Biostetic Instruments
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Each unit has 10 pads: eight large and two smaller pads| Fine tuned controls for incremental intensity changes| Included with each package is a marketing program to help launch in any office | TBI has registered the unit with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device| 100% natural