Company: Medolutions LLC

Address: 5910 Venture Drive, Ste A, Dublin OH 43017

Phone: 888-978-7999

Web site:

Description: Bio-Back from Medolutions LLC is marketed as an innovative lumbar orthosis that utilizes a patented combination of BiLateral Opposing Forces and a Lumbar Dome to help improve posture, relieve low-back pain, and help restore function. The Bio-Back’s low profile and comfortable size helps allow it to be worn discreetly underneath clothing and is designed to encourage activity.


  • Patented Combination of BiLateral Opposing Forces and a Lumbar Dome
  • Low profile design is said to make Bio-Back the most comfortable name in back pain relief
  • Adjustable straps allow two sizes to fit most patients (22″ to 78″ waists)
  • Needle EMG studies showed that Bio-Back changes (relaxes) muscle tone to a more normal state
  • Unlike “wrap” braces, Bio-Back’s rigid front-back panels help create an effective counter-force pres
  • Complements treatment of LBP to relieve pain and restore function for improved outcomes


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