Company: Good Life Beverages

Address: 2 Soldiers Field Park #306 Boston MA 02163

Phone: 805 969 3744

Web site: http://www.drinkbcalm.com

Description: Bcalm from Good Life Beverages was created to promote stress-free living. It is the latest in natural, functional wellness beverages that delivers calming relief without the effect of drowsiness.


  • Unique blend of B-vitamins, botanicals, and an amino acid with stress-reducing properties
  • Each can of bcalm is 8.3 oz. and proudly sourced and produced in the USA
  • Contains all-natural ingredients that are never artificial to help improve mental clarity and focus
  • Refreshing and lightly carbonated
  • Helps reduce stress and improve focus without drowsiness
Sold By: Good Life Beverages
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