BackScratcher Cards

BackScratcher Cards combine the fun of Trivial Pursuit with the thrill of scratch-off lottery tickets.

Each deck of BackScratchers features 60 different designs and short educational messages. On the back, patients use what they€™ve learned to complete a sentence, choosing from four possible answers. They scratch off the one they think is correct.

The amusing answers engage patients and the scratch-off provokes critical thinking. Because BackScratchers are fun to play, patients willingly self-serve on each visit. They get a new understanding of chiropractic and the nature of true health. Get ready for more meaningful adjusting room conversations.

Sold By: Patient Media, Inc.


Scratch-off feature makes patient education fun| Covers the most essential chiropractic concepts| Privately tutors each patient about chiropractic| Urges preventive and wellness care checkups| Supplies a fresh “table talk” topic for each patient| Created by chiropractic advocate William Esteb