BackJoy Core Plus

Company: BackJoy

Address: 6685 Gunpark Drive Boulder, CO 80301 Suite 210

Phone: 310-363-0899

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Description: BackJoy Core Plus is marketed as the world’s first and only “orthotic” for your back. BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System is designed to “float” the user’s spinal system over both hard and soft sitting surfaces, and acts as a natural shock absorber for all-day comfort and injury prevention. BackJoy is said to automatically correct sitting posture through active stabilization, with the user’s own body weight adjusting to the perfect position. A patented cupped design helps prevent the gluteus muscles from flattening under the user’s body weight, promoting increased circulation and reduced pressure and strain. Simple to use, the BackJoy is also designed to work in any seat, including automobiles. The BackJoy provides a customized fit to men and women of all shapes and sizes from 95 to 300 pounds.


  • The Backjoy is manufactured to engage your core while you sit


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