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Phone: (888) 453-5058

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Description: This product helps create a state of “relaxed alertness” where the mind is clear, focused and calm. It promotes neurotransmitter balance, healthy brain function, supports adrenal health and addresses physical symptoms of anxiety. Non-dairy, gluten free and non-sedative.


  • GABA-a key neurotransmitter, controls mood changes, concentration, attentiveness, and relaxation
  • L-Theanine is indicated in research to promote a state of relaxation while maintaining daytime alert
  • 5-HTP promotes proper brain serotonin levels
  • Bacopa is a traditional Ayurvedic herb clinically studied to support healthy emotions
  • Choline is necessary for brain health and function
  • Schizandra-an adaptogenic herb that promotes increased resistance to physical and emotional stress


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