ARTREX Tablets

Company: Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 1929 O’Toole Way

Phone: 4084324020

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Description: ARTREX Bone and Joint Tablets are a proprietary oral formulation consisting of four natural and well-known ingredients. This combination of ingredients was developed to be extremely effective due to Bioved Pharmaceuticals€™ patented extraction and proprietary developmental methods. Clinical studies have shown ARTREX to be a versatile product that provides consumers with a formulation to supplement the body’s natural defenses for inflammation, pain, and immune health.


  • Proven, innovative, oral, standardized, plant-based product
  • Fast onset of action (8-10 days)
  • Clinical studies published in College of Rheumatology and Journal of Clinical Rheumatology
  • No GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, or harmful preservatives
  • Sold successfully in Asia-Pacific for 10 plus years
  • Multiple randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials
  • Sold By: Bioved Pharmaceuticals
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