Company: Pharmore Alternatives

Address: 21346 Saint Andrews Blvd, Boca Raton, Fl 33433

Phone: 310-402-8660

Web site: www.pharmorealternatives.com

Description: A.P.C. Advanced Pressure Control distributed by Pharmore Alternatives is marketed as a safe, easy way to normalize blood pressure without the side effects. A.P.C. helps maintain a lower level of blood pressure continuously as long as it is taken on a regular basis. Each bottle contains 100 tablets.


  • May Lower Blood Pressure in Less than a Week.
  • Supports the strengthening & relaxation of the heart.
  • Supports Circulation
  • Small tablest easy to swallow
  • Improves rest & sleeping patterns
  • No side effects


Sold By: Pharmore Alternatives
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