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Pure Ratios, a San Diego CBD company, which makes a unique collection of lab tested cannabis and hemp-based CBD products intended to help manage pain and discomfort through long-lasting, consistent dosing of cannabinoids. Our company is known for our 40mg topical reservoir patches, which were just awarded the Best CBD patches by Edibles.com for the third year in a row! And, we a gaining a following among natural practitioners, including chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists. All of our products contain eight organic essential oils/terpenes-all of which serve to enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD. We are very interested in learning how we might become a vendor in your amazing online store. I know your current client base and their clients would benefit from the use of our topical reservoir patches and our other unique patented products. I would love to send you samples so that you can personally try our products and find out how effective they are at providing long-lasting comfort. Please let me know how I can get you samples and any documentation that you require. I look forward to learning how I can become a part of your product offering. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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