Thera-Band® Active Recovery Rehab & Pain Relief Kits

Company: Performance Health / The Hygenic Corporation

Address: 1245 Home Avenue, Akron, OH 44310

Phone: 330-634-2216

Web site:

Description: Thera-Band® Active Recovery Rehab & Pain Relief Kits make it easy for practitioners to send patients home with thesame market-leading brands they trust and use in-clinic.


  • Two Great Brands – each kit contains both Thera-Band and Biofreeze product, providing both exercise
  • Convenient – fundamental Home Exercise Program (HEP) products are pre-packaged together.
  • Affordable – essential products, no costly adjunct features.
  • Focused on Progression – all 3 kits are designed help patients to progress in their rehab.
  • The Shoulder Rehab & Pain Relief Kit features a unique shoulder pulley to progress patients through
  • Packaged for resale – full color consumer packaging enhances provider sell-through.
  • Sold By: Performance Health
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