Thera-Band Rehab Kits

Company: Hygenic

Address: 1245 Home Avenue

Phone: 330-633-8460

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Description: Packaged for practitioner resale, Thera-Band Rehab Kits are designed for home use as part of a complete rehab program offered by healthcare providers. These turn-key kits represent the first Active Care Program packaged to include both Thera-Band Systems of Progressive Exercise and Biofreeze pain relieving products.


  • Ready-to-use – improves time management for healthcare providers, and ease of use for patients.
  • Active Care Guide – Illustrates exercises and promotes patient compliance.
  • Body part/injury area specific – enhance in-clinic rehab with effective, focused home exercise.
  • Packaged for resale – Full color consumer packaging enhances provider sell-through.


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