The Relaxation Station Software

Company: VenturaDesigns

Address: Overland Park, Kansas

Phone: 888-713-2093

Web site:

Description: The Relaxation Station Software from Ventura Designs is designed to take sight and sound healing technologies to a new level. From the main screen you have access to special color therapy screens for 22 different conditions. These screens have been matched to 15 different binaural audio clips for: depression, fear, nervous problems, immunity, joint inflammation, endocrine system, general pain, hyperactivity, anxiety, tension, energize, revitalize, be happy, tranquility, patience, and psychosis. In addition there are five power screens that combine two colors associated with the condition. They are: anxiety/tension/patience, fibromyalgia, depression/anxiety/tension, depression/fear, and general pain/anxiety.


  • Two special screens for weight loss and stop smoking
  • Free demo version available
  • Call for live Internet demonstration


Sold By: Venturadesigns
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