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The PulStar instruments add the power of computer-precision multiple impulse therapy (MIT) to your healing hands. Clinically proven, pain-free analysis and treatment of backpain; and gentle but precise treatment of pain in soft tissue, neck, and extremities. PulStar instruments are the only systems that show the DC and patients the full spine on one screen. In analysis mode the PulStar zooms into specific regions of focus. Patient friendly graphics make it easy to communicate what’s happening and how treatment is helping the patient. A key to effective holistic care is treating both skeletal and soft tissue issues. The PulStar system can do both osseous and soft tissue adjustments on the same system. Everything about the PulStar from changing spinal section, adjusting mode and even force levels can be controlled directly from the impulse head. At only 65 decibels PulStar is no louder background music so patient communication is not interrupted during treatment. The custom patient database with recorded analysis, results, and searchable records makes patient documentation a breeze.

The G3 Vision Suites:

Standard: The PulStar G3 Tech Suite with a 24” display and small footprint, is perfect for DCs who have a smaller budget and only one adjusting room where the PulStar will not to be moved.

Portable: The PulStar G3 Portable Suite has a 13” laptop and is ideal for DCs who work in multiple settings, make house calls, or run health screens outside their clinic.

Premium: The PulStar G3 Full Suite has a larger 27” display allowing for more visual impact. The doctor and patient can easily see where the issues lie, the touch screen makes using the software that much more intuitive.

Every system includes: an Apple computer, control box, 3 dual tip attachments, 2 singe tip attachments, osseous and soft tissue software, impulse heal wit hon head controls, power cables, 37-page marketing manual, and patient brochures. Additional soft tissue tips and options are available as well as customized systems.

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