Company: TextMD Inc.

Address: 703 Commerce Ave., New Castle, PA 16101

Phone: 412-324-8311

Web site: http://www.gettextmd.com

Description: TextMD helps streamline and enhance the doctor/patient relationship, while presenting your practice with the opportunity to operate more effectively. TextMD is marketed as the only patent-pending mobile reminder system that interacts with your current appointment scheduling software. TextMD aims to integrate seamlessly without new software or additional computers, confirming patient appointments confidentially. It helps reduce “no shows” by 60 percent with a simple mobile reminder to the patient’s mobile phone either 24, 48, or 72 hours prior to their appointment. The system allows the patient to confirm or reschedule via their mobile phone. TextMD is designed to save practices money while cutting expenses and improving efficiency.


  • Confirms appointments
  • Interactive patient rescheduling
  • Minimizes no shows
  • Broadcast patient-reminders and caregiver alerts
  • Better utilizes office staff
  • U.S patent pending


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