Tesla Fit+ PEMF therapy machine

The TeslaFit+ PEMF therapy device is the mid-range model in the TeslaFit family with a max amplitude of 3990 Gauss. This PEMF device has 3 programs — 2 are preset to the highest intensity and one is preset to a lower intensity. Comes with choices of 4 applicators that cover various parts of the body, making it a complete high-intensity PEMF device.

Free delivery in US, 30 days trial and professional practitioner support makes TeslaFit Plus 2 a serious choice for any home or clinic.

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TeslaFit PEMF delivers some of the world’s most powerful ringer-type PEMF therapy machines for rapid recovery & regeneration. Professionals like fitness coaches, chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists and natural health practitioners choose the Teslafit for its power, quality, reliability and technical superiority.

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