Tesla Fit Duo PEMF therapy machine

The TeslaFit Duo PEMF device is a high-intensity clinical PEMF system with effectively two machines within one. The two applicators/channels may be used simultaneously or maybe programmed to trigger alternately allowing you to use two applicators on one or two users at the same time. Max amplitude from each channel would be 5220 Gauss, so its great for rapid recovery and regeneration no matter what the issue. Comes with choices of 4 applicators that cover various parts of the body, making it a complete high-intensity PEMF device.

The TeslaFit Duo is a great PEMF therapy system for busy wellness centers and the best tool for any sports physiotherapist and chiropractor.

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TeslaFit PEMF delivers some of the world’s most powerful ringer-type PEMF therapy machines for rapid recovery & regeneration. Professionals like fitness coaches, chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists and natural health practitioners choose the Teslafit for its power, quality, reliability and technical superiority.

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