Synergy Exercise Cords and Educational Kits

Company: Synergy Therapeutic Systems

Address: PO Box 952548 Lark Mary, Fl 32795

Phone: 800-639-3539

Web site:

Description: Synergy Therapeutic Systems offers a complete rehabilitation program including cervical, thoracic, lumbar, shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, ankle, and a variety of specific injuries including whiplash, rotator, and frozen shoulder protocols. Synergy system includes slick and functional, easily adjustable hand-welded chrome stations; the highest cushioned handled exercise cords; and the necessary educational support to help patients through a six- to eight-week in-office plan. Synergy€™s Home Patient Kits can be prescribed after you have completed the in-office for seamless transfer from office to home. The home kits are easy to follow with real time DVDs, wall charts, tracking charts, and deluxe exercise cords.


  • Turnkey Clinical Rehab Program for easy implementation in an 6 x 8 space
  • Easy implementation for common injuries
  • Specific protocol for both location/joint(s) andspecific protocols for common injuries
  • Hand carfted and welded and chrome wall stations with easy adustments
  • Six- to eight-week in office exercise protocols for in office use
  • Seamless home patient kits from office use to home use
  • Sold By: Synergy Therapeutic Systems