Sum Days and Nights

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SUM Life offers the never before seen opportunity for chiropractors to “own the company” of the nutritional products that you offer your patients. Based upon formulas created by one of the world’s top master formulators, SUM Days and SUM Nights were developed to offer premium and proprietary nutritional products with patented ingredients for best results.  SUM Days helps begin your day with a focus on a multivitamin plus a focus on immunity and energy through a set of two patented ingredients.   Including CurcuPrime for inflamation, and Dynamine and Teacrine for energy , SUM Days was specifically formulated to combine the right mix of ingredients and dosages to ensure optimal effectiveness and energy. SUM Nights helps close out the day with a keen focus on rest and recovery. SUM Nights includes branded ingredients including UC2, a type 2 collagen for joint and connective tissue health, Apres Flex, a uniqe form of Boswellia serrata (frankincense), CBD, and Serratiopedptidase which is an enzyme that breaks down key proteins that are found in meat and other foods.

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