SuiteMed EHR

Company: 4Med Systems Inc.

Address: 9445 Annapolis Ln. N.

Phone: 866-953-6194

Web site:

Description: SuiteMed EHR from 4Med Systems Inc. is marketed to have a tightly integrated design that features ease of navigation, along with ease in allowing you to make changes to its chiropractic specialty template that’s provided with the system. It’s also designed to provide an integrated affordable front-to-back EMR-PMS system that can help execute patient communication through the Web portal, automated appointment reminders, patient history collection over the Web or through a kiosk, insurance pre-verification, co-pay collection, and direct electronic billing and EOB auto-reconciliation through one system with all information stored in one database. SuiteMed also has an inventory management module designed to allow for tracking and auto-reordering of retail items along with the ability to cut a bill that include both retail products and health services rendered.


  • Tightly integrated EMR-PMS
  • Chiropractic-specific templates
  • Integrated patient portal
  • Integrated fax server
  • Integrated digital radiography
  • 2011 CCHIT Certified
Sold By: 4Med Systems
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