Company: Foot Levelers

Address: PO Box 12611 Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: 800-533-4860

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Description: Sassy from Foot Levelers are Stabilizing Orthotics designed to support a woman€™s feet. Ask any woman who wears heels and she€™ll tell you — as the day gets longer, the pain gets worse in the ball of her foot, where all the pressure from the heel height is concentrated. Integrated with Lambson Leather for moisture control, the Sassy line provides metatarsal support to help ease pain. There are a variety of styles and lengths to accommodate many different types of shoes, including narrow dress, open-backed shoes, and up to 2-inch heels.


  • Designed specifically for women and their shoes
  • Provides metatarsal support
  • Eases pain in the ball of the foot
  • Fits into variety of shoes up to 2-inch heels
  • Provides moisture control


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