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Are you a chiropractor frustrated with insurance, quality new patients or shrinking profit margins?

Riches in Niches is the ultimate guide on how to earn what you’re worth and protect your practice in the recession storm that is brewing. In this Free Report, Dr. Vince Leone, a leading Specialized Niche Consultant, will convey to you the value, the importance, and the necessity of adding a “High Ticket Niche” to your practice.

The information Dr. Vince shares can literally be a turning point in your career – as it was for him — and he paid a significant price for learning these secrets. He will show you how this information can protect you (if implemented properly) in the coming months, and potentially years, of a poor economy, while paying you the true worth you’ve earned in become a DC.


  • What is a high ticket niche?
  • 6 essential steps to adding a niche
  • Major pitfalls to avoid
  • Success stories, and more

If you are interested in taking your practice to the next level with predictability, while avoiding the dangerous trends affecting doctors today, download the eBook CLICK HERE

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“The most personable, most organized and most professional coach I have worked with. We’ve just had the highest month of collections at $96,000 – thank you Dr. Vince!” – Dr. Kyle Pankonin 

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