Q 28 Magnetic Therapy Blankets

Our newest innovation brings state-of-art medical magnets to your bed for maximum comfort and rapid recovery effects.

The Q 28 magnetic therapy blankets have 28 of our most powerful magnets (Q28-6) to stimulate regeneration and provide immense relief. We use high quality polar fleece fabric to provide the most comforting sleep-time magnetic blankets.

The Q 28 Blanket is effective to cover the entire width of back or entire lumbar from base to midway up the shoulder blades for most people. If you are having leg pain, put it under or on top of the region.

Since the Q Blankets can be used during sleep, they are easier to use than magnetic therapy bracelets, socks, shoe inserts or insoles or other magnetic therapy jewellery, and they work great for both men and women.

Q Magnets Blankets have the magnetic power and mobility to have a long-term use and positive benefit.

Q 28 magnetic field therapy blankets are shipped free worldwide and come with 30-day trial! Visit our Magnet therapy shop to order one today!

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